Walk Into Yesterday Art Exhibit 2013

Claudine West, Reiki energy infused artwork for sale in Cafe Bar Walk Into Yesterday Nottingham, UK. Big thanks to Tony and Graeme, Chris, Ange and the lovely cream teas.


@ Walk Into Yesterday Cafe Bar, Nottingham, UK
@ Walk Into Yesterday Cafe Bar, Nottingham, UK

Reiki Precepts Art

This piece hangs above our healing/meditation room entrance. (Earth Tree Healing) http://earthtreeblog.wordpress.com/

I used oil paints, crystals (gemstones) and sage. I channelled Reiki energy during creation. The boundless entity is now present for good, healing, oneness.

I created this artwork, (after completion of My Shoden Japanese Reiki Course 2011: Many thanks to Reiki Masters Jane Mclennan and Judith Davies; ‘Reiki East and West’ for their continued teachings and support) to remind me and reinforce how I think, live and behave.














“Kyo dake wa” Just for today (Living in the now)

“Okolu na” Do not anger (respond differently to the ego programmed emotion of hate)

“Shinpai Suna” Do not worry (Does worrying really solve or help anything?)

“Kansha Shite” Be grateful (counting ones blessings, humbled by the abundance of life)

“Gyo o Hage Me” Do your work (working hard,  honestly, interact with people with integrity)

“Hito Ni Shinsetsu Ni” Be compassionate to yourself and Others (being kind, considerate to oneself and all living beings)

Thank you to: Mikao Usui, Japan, Reiki Practitioners, Healers, Light Workers, Zen moments, Mindfulness, Meditation, Channelling Universal Life Force Energy, Ki, Oneness, Spiritual Guidance, Mentors, Buddism, Inspirers, Music, Art, Clarity, Green Tea, Water, Health, Positivity, Love, My Soulmate, Our Cats, Family, Friends, Laughter, Happiness, Balance, Abundance, Beauty, Quiet Moments, Peace, The Universe, Musical Instruments for helping me channel vibrations, Paint Brushes and Tools for creation. Thank you for my gifts, Thank you for the opportunities.

My nightmares have stopped. As I continue with my Reiki Practice (Okuden Level 2012), energising my artworks. I aim, when ‘ready’ over the new few years. I will become Master level.

I believe art is created with effort. What you put in, you get out. Beauty to the beholder. The same as learning/practising ones instruments. Years of Reiki practice will lead to enlightenment. I am not so naive or blinded as to think one can become ‘Master’ in a weekend. It takes years to cultivate, learn, practice, work with the energies, respect the energies. The more you work with them, the stronger and more open the channeling is.

The more passion I feel. My artworks become elemental bliss.

😉 Claudine

My first attunement in 2010 was Western Reiki level 1. My demons erupted. Rage, anger, hurt, nightmares…. Exorcised. Then, (when ready.. A lot came out that year) I had Shoden Reiki Level 1 Attunement 2011.  My art became more vibrant. Inspired by energy work. Now at Okuden Level. I feel more balanced. Cope.

This blog I wrote will give you insight into my visions. Wonderment. HERE