The Idolins Live at Paper Stone EP Cover Art 2013

So on the 24th November 2013. A cold winters day. We went into Paper Stone studio in Sherwood, Nottingham,UK. Then shivered. Drank herbal tea, wine, beer and maybe a little Jack Daniels and began. We all had a fantastic, finger destroying and exhausting time. You cannot beat the feel of recording instruments and vocals live. Margin for error is tiny, as cheating mixing acoustic instruments is futile.The mic pics up everything. Take after take. Red light fever and good pressure to perform under the microscope.  Holding ones breath at the end of a take..just incase the vibrations of the instrument next to you were still going. A long day later we were done, we were proud, we were tired.  With a video of ‘What Would You Change’ about to be released too! We recorded a 3 track Ep Live! Yeehaa!  It was my job after my guitar and banjo parts. I was also given the task to design the cover. Challenge from our band, The Idolins . I had visions of red. Thus the creation of Icarus I love this piece. I see it as I get up every morning and walk down my stairs. But I kept seeing matchstick people playing instruments. So out came the charcoal and pencils. Usually I don’t prep a piece. This took days as bits didn’t fit or feel right. But I wanted to draw it with flow and haste to catch the essence. So from Band to stamp. Here you go.

sketch 1

Then, many sheets of paper later.

Final sketch 2

No my usual style at all. But the matchstick people wanted to play!

Then Mark Rice our percussionist did this

live at paper stone 1

and this

paper stone 2

Then he had a stamp created and made this:

photo 1

We made more of these. The satisfaction CREATION: Making music, making art, creating a legacy and having people buy our Cd’s. NOT BAD FOR AN UNSIGNED BAND. ALL can all be achieved with a little dedication and hard work at ones gifts in life. You can hear us and download us here FREE:

Hello 2014!

Enjoy 🙂