As the days darken and nights get longer, the comforting blanket of magical hibernation closes around. Evenings are filled of meditation and painting, good books, as well as (Netflix binge watching)

Pumpkin carving, weekend walks in the woods stepping on the golden, reds and orange colours of leaves nourishing the earth. Grasping the sunny days, like its the last one. Plugging the sad lamp in. Switching the news of nightmares off. Enjoying my cluttered ‘Earth Tree Music and Art space. Recovering from glue gun accidents. Vacuuming isn’t an option dues to the amount of tiny gemstones I’ve dropped on the carpet.

I have minds eye visions and murmurings of spirit beings. I’ve recently started painting them. With the bright sunshine source. I created ‘LightBeings’ on a recycled canvas I procured from a local car boot sale. Prints available on Redbubble

LightBeings Oils on canvas 16″ X 20″ Claudine West 2021

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