I began painting and drawing in childhood. Colours and music speak to me and through me. After a number of years focused on composing music and career in the NHS. I’ve rediscovered my desire to focus on more than vibrations. I’ve found sanctuary, satisfaction, escape and creative bliss in my home studio, with oil painting. I create abstract style works, nature scenes, spiritual inspired pieces. Accompanied by my Earth Tree Healing Music. Painting, meditating, creating. I pave the path for my dreams, ambitions. There is something wonderful about leaving a legacy, supporting my own wellbeing. Offering you my art and music to enjoy. – Claudine

Claudine West 2022


Claudine West is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer (Earth Tree Healing) Artist, Author of ‘Claudsville Blogs and Biog Of A Bog Woppit’ and Reiki Practitioner. She currently lives in Nottingham, UK.

Claudine works with oil paints on hardboard, canvas, mixed media paints, pastels and crystal gemstones. Energising artworks.

Available for commissions.

Claudine West art on Red Bubble 

Earth Tree Healing Music Links https://linktr.ee/earthtreehealing


Agent – Angela Barker +44 07887490203


All works and content copyright Claudine West 2012-2021


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