“If I could record my dreams in an instant. I’d create what I feel, have seen and have subconsciously screamed at. A vibrant roller coaster of visions. Sometimes so real, they can haunt for days. A beautiful horizon. The sign at the crossroads, is a mirror on the walls of imagined parallels within vortexes.”

These pieces were created during my formative years whilst studying A level art. Heavily influenced at the time by the Alien films and artist H.R. Giger. The clay sculptures – Margot, (recreated from a bad dream) Daisy and Beryl the head – Surprisingly did not explode in the kiln. (thank you Mr Glazzard and my art teachers!) were banned from display in the lobby – after a complaint from the school secretaries. My drama teacher Miss Lewis screamed when she saw daisy. I realized then – the effect and impact that can be achieved by expression of dream, fears and nightmares from watching too many horror films as a teenager. – Claudine


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