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From City to Paradise : Oils on Canvas

I created an oil painting live on Facebook (23.01.22) https://fb.watch/aIKjcDUhaj/

I prepped. But my own struggles coping/not coping with a dark, murky January in England and ready for its end. #SAD

We’d earlier that day travelled to Birmingham on an errand. Talking of the need for nature. We are not a fan of the greyness and concrete of cities.

Unfortunately we got trapped in the football traffic (Nottingham Forest V’s Derby)

I likened the sat nav taking us directly into the tornado, the hurricane. This led to me losing my shit. As felt incredibly trapped. When I crave nature and open spaces.

Bored of chuntering on in my self hosted pity party. But…The months without a decent long break, working in the NHS…luckily creating art and music keeps saving the day.

Saying that.. Things are occurring that simply don’t ring true with a few people. I’m miffed at the Universe for a couple of situations. Hope resolution occurs soon.

Get up.. it’s dark… go home.. it’s dark. With staffing shortages… 10 day (for us) isolations…. it is relentless workload and issues.

I’ve not slept well recently. I suffered ringing in my ears, raised blood pressure, sinus ear issues. (Luckily it’s getting a bit better now)

Use of Headspace app, more exercise, continued healthy eating. Sad lamp!

But I have discovered Avocado and peanut butter is amazing!

My resilience is waning… I’ve bitch fitted. I am not a zen being! I must try harder with the tools and gifts at my disposal.

So I painted a paradise on the concrete jungle to calm my soul. It worked. It’s very music keep taking the red pill for the city. Unleash freedom from the Matrix and take the blue pill…

Watch the Facebook live video here >> https://fb.watch/aIKjcDUhaj/

‘From City to Paradise’ Oils on recycled canvas ‘22

This piece is the sister to. ‘Rapture’ https://claudinewestart.wordpress.com/2021/12/19/rapture-oils-on-canvas/

Really enjoy creating them.

SUNDAY – We are off for a real life nature walk to recharge. Going to make it up to Ange for being an absolute mardy arsehole yesterday!

~ Claudine