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The dark winter is upon us. I’ve been painting spiritual art pieces – connected to the LightBeings set.

These were created at LizianEvents Lincolnshire Well Being Show and this weekends Pure Spirit Events at Newark Showground.

I’m eternally grateful for being able to paint live oils on canvas (& transport them home each day without too much mess in the car boot!) and perform live acoustic Earth Tree Healing music.

It’s been a true pleasure and great for my wellbeing.


Wayward Mountains, Sky of Defiance

So I’m sat here on the sofa with the cats fighting, coughing up catastrophes, watching bad horror films and music documentaries. Licensed to be ill with the 2nd bout of lurgy 2015/2016 has thrown at me. I surrendered. Rest and recoup. So rather than feel completely deconstructed. I created. This has become one of my personal favourites. It sits in my music studio and adds further colour to the vibrations I create.

FullSizeRender2016: Oils on canvas

Wayward Mountains, Sky of Defiance’ Art by Claudine West


Music ‘Noctis Labyrinthus’ by Claudine West

Twitter @claudsville75


~ Claudine